Road Running, Trains, and Watches

Toady's road run went so much better than yesterday's. Sure, I didn't do 13+ miles with hills being the primary obstacle, but today still had it's own challenges. I was able to handle it much better though. I have done this route before and was fully prepared for the difficulty.

But I was not prepared for this train.

I used to run this road every day when I lived at my parent's. Not once did I ever get held up by a train. I guess I wasn't so lucky today.

I do love this route though! The road I start on is so beautiful! It's surrounded by nothing but farm land and trees.

I did a total of 8.3 miles in 1:15:22 though out the small town of Williamsport. Not too shabby if I may say so myself! Especially from someone who does not like doing more than 7 miles on a Sunday. Actually, for the past few Sundays I've been doing more than that. Yay me!

By the way, all weekend I've fallen in love with recording my runs live. I've been taking my phone with me so the GPS can log everything into MapMyRun. It is making me want a Garmin watch REALLY bad. It would surely beat my phone in convenience (my phone doesn't always have the best service on the trail).

I've been looking on Amazon for used or refurbs and I'm really torn between the following:

I am looking at the 305 because most of the bloggers I follow swear by it. Though, do I really need all the perks of the watch? I feel like I could get everything I need from the 110. Any suggestions?

Have a good Sunday!

Did you have a good run today? How far did you go? Trail? Road?

Where is your favorite place to run? Why?

Do you have a Garmin watch? Which one? Do you like it?

Do you track your runs while running or do you log it later?


  1. I have the forerunner 10 in pink and I love it. Just takes a little time for it to reach the satellites. My hubby has the 110 and loves and my brother has the 305. I personally think they're too big but people love them!

  2. I have the Garmin Forerunner 110. I got it last year for Christmas... so I have had it for about a year and 4 months now. I have really liked it. It will link straight to MapMyRun, so you can keep your records there. I would recommend it!

    1. I LOVE MapMyRun. It's great that they transfer the stats over. I know another runner for the Forerunner 110 and they seem to like it as well. I may be leaning towards that at this point.


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