Food Foto Friday Resumes!

I missed last week due to being overwhelmed in my current job position. Thankfully, some of that stress has subsided so I can resume taking pictures of my food for your viewing pleasure!

Be mindful that Fridays are one of my cheat days, so don't expect fresh salads, sandwiches, or meals that I have spent hours preparing. It's Friday and I tend to get pretty lazy!
For breakfast, you know the drill! 

EGGS! Always looking forward to any Friday where eggs and a bagel are involved. Don't forget the Sriracha!
On any given day, I usually have a snack to break up the hours between breakfast and lunch. On Fridays, that snack turns from a banana or granola bar (this week it's been banana muffins) to a Sheetz latte.

Today, I was a little devious and I got whipped cream on top. Shhhh! But I forgot to get my usual extra shot of espresso. The whipped cream made up for it.
For lunch, I brought a Lean Cuisine. We have a freezer full of them. When life gives you coupons, you buy more than you need. 

I selected the sun-dried tomato basil flatbread. It's my usual choice...only because it's delicious. 

For dinner, Peter and I love having a pizza! We put leftover ham on this one!

Finally, I treated myself to the Coldstone ice cream I deserved. 

Not just for the PR I achieved earlier this week, but also the overwhelming workload I had today (this new job position is not easy!).

Hope you enjoyed! Have a good weekend! I'll be in Hershey!!

Do you have a Friday tradition, like how I get lattes or eat pizza?

What is your favorite Coldstone Signature Ice Cream?

Do you eat frozen dinners? 

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