Some Like It Sweaty

Happy Hump Day!

It has been an exhausting week for me and I am so happy we are that much closer to Friday! I started a new job within the company on Monday and it drains every molecule of energy I possess. Well...most of it. There was just enough for me to shave a few seconds off my 5 mile time. I'm now down to 45:04. It was worth every drop of sweat!!!

Maybe I'm the only one who will admit to this, but I love being drenched after a run. Not because it's hot and humid out, but because I just kicked my own ass for a few miles!

This was after my first 13.1. I was soaked in sweat!!
Speed work is so invigorating, yet so challenging! I love ending my runs looking like this. It's how I've looked all week. I usually hop off the treadmill and lay on the floor for a few minutes, marinating in my own sweat. If I'm lucky, my cat will lick the sweat off of me while I catch my breath.

Next week, I hope to hit 44:59 or better. If that happens, I will reward myself with Coldstone Ice Cream in a chocolate & sprinkle dipped waffle cone. I will not have ice cream from there any other way. <3 Coldstone.

Anyway, tomorrow is grocery day and I am excited as always! I'm craving so much and need to stock up on veggies. I'm looking to make some awesome salads in the next week!

When you sweat, do you feel like you had a better workout? Do you enjoy a sweaty workout?

What's your favorite ice cream combo? Have you ever had Coldstone? What's your fav item from there?

What is on your grocery list this week?


  1. A sweaty workout is the best workout!! And... coldstone sounds like an excellent way to celebrate a good run! I am a huge Marble Slab fan! I love their Tipsy Sailor... amaretto ice cream with almonds and chocolate chips.

    1. I've never heard of Marble Slab! Though I just googled it and it looks like one just opened up about 30 min away. Conveniently where I'm doing a half marathon next month. May have to stop by after. :)

      And amaretto ice cream sounds really good right about now! May have to try that!


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