Food Foto Friday Part 2!

Immediately upon arrival at work, I indulged in a Nature Valley Granola Bar. The Roasted Almond bar is our fav variety!

There for a while I was stuffing my face with a Snickers bar during my snack on Fridays. This time I thought that I could exchange one unhealthy item with a healthier option.

When I came home, I picked out a frozen cheese pizza and topped it with fresh peppers and onions. I also added chipotle seasoning and crushed red pepper. I like it spicy!

As always, my evening snacks are usually up in the air. Depends on how much I drink... if I drink. And don't you worry, I will be. Today just was not a good day for me. I had a bad appointment with the doctor and was denied financial aid for the fall semester. They didn't have enough money to give out this year. I was truly looking forward to going back to college and finally getting my degree. There was also a running class I really wanted to take.

Pass me a drink.

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