Emotional Eating & I Love Sam!

Ahh stress! It is ultimately the only thing that will make me believe that bad eating habits are okay...even if it isn't my so-called "cheat day." Healthy foods be damned!

That's right! I had myself a chargrilled chicken sandwich with cheese AND bacon on it. Waffle fries were a must have for someone who has worked obnoxiously hard all week! And instead of a banana for my snack between breakfast and lunch, I had a Panera bagel with CREAM CHEESE. Mmmm Mmm! Take that bad work week!

Though, Food Foto Friday may look a little less cheat-like after being a bit naughty with food today.

Speaking of food, it was my favorite day of the week (aside from the days I don't have to work). GROCERY DAY!!! But this Thursday was special. It was our monthly Sam's Club grocery day as well. 

Nothing like buying food in bulk to make me the happiest person ever!

We buy tons of beef and chicken, storing them in FoodSaver bags. This time we forgot we still had a few pounds left over from last trip. I guess we are having a lot of beef and chicken meals these coming weeks!

We love our Campbell's Soups! We stacked up on tomato and chicken noodle! We also have been buying lots of canned goods like corn, green beans, and peas. You can also see we fill up on sauces, baking goods, and more!

I love swimming in food. Nothing like a full pantry and refrigerator to make you feel wealthy!

Do your eating habits differ when your stressed? How do you avoid/cope with emotional eating?

Have you ever had the pleasure of going to Sam's Club?

Do you ever buy food in bulk do avoid frequent & large grocery trips?


  1. I love Sams! I can't get everything there because some food would go bad before I eat it, but I definitely want to get a membership there after I get married in June and buy whatever I am able to buy in bulk so that I can save money. I am all about saving money! :)

    To avoid emotional eating I like to go workout or go on a run to relieve whatever stress I might be having. Then after working out I usually want to eat something healthier anyways.

    1. I have difficulty even after a run with emotional eating. Though, I think I am over exaggerating. If I ate one cookie while on an emotional roller coaster ride, it feels like 100 cookies to me!

      But Sam's has definitely benefit us when we moved out 4 months ago. I couldn't imagine not going at this point


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