Wedding Dresses & Asian Food

My beautiful sister is getting married!!! Shortly following my 12 mile run, I hurried out to join some lovely ladies and help Ashley choose her wedding dress.

I wish I could post the pictures of the dresses she tried (she looked breathtaking in them all), but that's going to be kept under lock and key until her big day. Though, I can say that she did make a wonderful choice and she seemed extremely happy!

Afterwards, us girls went to grab some sushi and I may have over indulged a little.

Can't forget the Long Island Iced Tea.... (we had to celebrate my sister's dress!)

Oh, and I had chinese for dinner. Asian overload!!!!

Because I feel like I ate so much today, I ended up calorie counting. Bad day to do it as this is one of my "fun days." I am fully against counting, but the curiosity was killing me. Now, I feel bad. Ugh.

Looks like I may have to add a few more miles to my run tomorrow.

Do you like sushi? What's your favorite thing to eat?

Do you order drinks with your meals when you dine out?

Do you count calories? How often do you go over your limits? Do you care?

Do you indulge on the weekends or have days you allow yourself meals that may not be "good for you"?

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