My Running Corner

I hope I'm not the only one that would get excited over something like this...

My treadmill corner is really starting to come together. I bought the shelf a couple of days ago and just got around to putting it up last night. No more boring runs! Sorry NordicTrack, but starting at a blinking dot go around a track for an hour is not the entertainment I'm looking for. I haven't used my treadmill since adding the shelf, but I'm waiting for the perfect rainy day...or obnoxiosly hot day...whatever comes first.

I'm also working on making a medal hanger. I've bought the wood, I just need to sand and stain it. When it is finished, it will look similar to this...

Having a display of your race bling is definitely the ego booster you need on a run sometimes!!!

Although I'm really making an effort to glam up my treadmill corner, I'm trying to avoid the treadmill as much as possible. Sure, I may have spent a pretty penny on this equipment, but I know I will regret not taking advantage of the gorgeous weather. The trail is really starting to bloom too! There are pretty purple flowers and the trees are green again. I still could do without the insects, but you can't have your cake and eat it too, I suppose.

Hmm, now I want cake.

Do you have an area of your room/house that's primarily dedicated to running?

Do you put your race bling on display?

What's your favorite part about running outside? Least favorite?


  1. Best thing about running outside: nature - flowers, birds. Worst: nature - mosquitoes!

    1. Apparently the cicadas will be out this year too! Boo! Never had to run with those things around


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