The Balance of Good, Bad, and Food

There is nothing more satisfying than sticking a knife into a fresh jar of peanut butter.

Kind of made my hellish day a little more gratifying. Well, my day wasn't too bad, but it did get a little hairy at work. And I lost my credit card! I looked under couch cushions, dug through trash, searched my purse countless times, but I could not find it for the life of me! So I had to call Capital One to issue a new one. Now I have to wait a week for it. AHH!

However, like most bad days, you can usually find some good in it...if you look hard enough.  I did have an awesome run! 5.2 miles in 44:25. That is about 8:33 min/mile. I'm really loving this 8 minute range recently!

Though, I think the stormy skies really helped me speed things up this evening.

I thought for sure it would start pouring on me halfway down the trail. Luckily, the rain began after I made it back to my car. I don't think I would've minded too much if I got caught in it. Been there, done that, loved every second.

Last but definitely not least, one of the greatest parts of my bad day was Peter making beef mac & cheese for dinner!!

This was so delicious! Especially after booking it on my run this evening. It was made with our secret ingredients, of course. However, this time, he added beef, which was a first for me. I loved it! Can't wait for leftovers tomorrow!

Oh, and it's my Twitter's birthday!

 I feel even older knowing that my twitter is that old. Still, go wish it a happy birthday. Make my day! :)

Have you ever been caught in a rainstorm on a run? Did it speed you up? Slow you down? Love it? Hate it?

What did you eat for dinner tonight?

Do you have a Twitter? If so, how long have you had yours? What about other social networks?
Twitter for 4 years.
Facebook for 7 years. Wow...


  1. I hooped in the rain at a festival once. It was beautiful! We had steamers (with turkey instead of hamburger) and baked sweet potato fries. And I've had my twitter forever but I can't seem to figure out where to find my join date. I'll let you know later. :)

    1. That dinner sounds delicious, Ashley! I love sweet potato fries!


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